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By Royal Appointment (Horticultural Society)

23 January 2007

Some time in late Summer, while most people were trying to enjoy what was left of the good weather, a small group of dedicated workers were busy completing one of the biggest jobs we’ve had at Finger prints.

Some months earlier, Barrow based company Sterling Lotteries had been asked to produce and administer the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual raffle. The job would involve the production and mailing of several hundred thousand personalised, full colour documents, including letters, bespoke envelopes and raffle tickets.

We were asked by Sterling to take on the design, production and personalising of these mailing materials.

The RHS placed significant importance on the job, emphasising how they rely on the fundraising generated by the event every year, and their intention to raise more this year.

Representatives from Sterling and our Managing Director, Allan Kerr, met with the RHS to go through all elements of the production process which would be relying heavily on the use of the Society’s membership data and bar codes to coordinate the submitted raffle entries.

Although the scale of the job was quite significant, we were able to easily plan out a workable production schedule that was beneficial to all involved.

It also meant upgrading our personalising equipment and drafting in extra staff to meet these strict timescales.

The design of the jobs had its own unique challenges, having not only to be easy on the eye but meet the RHS’s strict corporate style guidelines and specific personalising and processing requirements.

The personalising process also needed to be robust and accurate, using our cross checking and quality control procedures.

Once the final van left, carrying the remaining post, the staff took a collective sit back to reflect on a job well done.

Once Sterling Lotteries began receiving entries to the raffle, it was clear we were on course to deliver on what the RHS wanted, a larger amount of money raised. To date, this is still the

Our direct mailing department has built on its successes over the past few years and the work we have done for the RHS demonstrates how well we work both with partner organisations like Sterling Lotteries and as part of a team.

It has shown us that even relatively large scale jobs like this are easily deliverable, meaning also that lower volume direct mail campaigns are safe in our hands.

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