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Compostable plastic

10 May 2018

The UK dumps more household waste into landfill than any other EU state, according to reports – including food waste that is fully degradable.

We now offer a fully compostable material that will go some way towards addressing this issue.

Our new polywrap material uses biopolymers, consisting mainly of potato or corn starch, both of which are fully sustainable materials. Our Polywrap film has been certified as being fully biodegradable and compostable according to the European norm EN13432, which was set up to regulate products to be disposed of in composting sites, ensuring that the resulting compost is commercially acceptable.
Our mailing bags are fully compostable in just 10 days and are an entirely environmental alternative to standard polythene bags.

Biodegradable and compostable mailing packs are growing in popularity and, as we move into changing times, the ability to make the proactive choice of sustainable products over less environmentally friendly sources is of utmost importance.

This compostable mailing film provides an excellent green solution to your marketing needs. This practical, starch-based material is strong yet effective during use, and in the right environment is gone in just 10 days. This material is designed to break down in a composting environment by natural means into simple elements; carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. There is no need for it to be
recycled, and no need for it to take up space in landfill sites – fill the bag, not the planet.

To find out more about this remarkable product contact us on 01229 432959 where one of our direct mail experts will be happy to help.

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