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Finger prints goes green

5 January 2009

Finger prints has always been mindful of its environmental responsibility. Like most other businesses in the country, if not the whole of the developed world, we are acutely aware of the effect that what we do has on the world around us.

This is no mean feat. Our industry has a history of having a detrimental effect on the environment; both directly through the use of toxic chemicals, solvents and inks and indirectly through the paper wastage from leaflets, flyers and brochures that clients find themselves having to throw away.

So what exactly are WE doing about it? Well, almost every scrap of waste paper that we generate ends up recycled, as you can imagine, being a printers, we have quite a lot of it about so we have an excellent recycling system in place. In fact, a study made a few years ago showed we recycled over 99% of our total waste. We even re-use scrap paper as internal notepads and to do test prints on!

We encourage people, where possible, to consider printing on recycled paper. Although it is more expensive and has its limitations, recycled paper can also have its advantages, with many jobs suited to its look and feel. We also print all our jobs on paper derived wholly from sustainable sources.

In December, we installed a new press which, amongst other things, will now be printing using vegetable based inks. The oils used in these inks come (as the name suggests) from more natural and renewable sources. In laymen’s terms this means less harmful chemicals in the environment.

The new press is also twice the size as our old one, so in terms of efficiency, this means we can print more individual jobs on one big sheet than before, which means less energy used per job.

Finally, we have converted our plate-making system to a chemistry-free one. This means even less of those icky chemicals floating around and means we use no more harmful substances than
the average business. Additionally, the plates we use are made from recyclable aluminium.

Our efforts in tackling green issues have been recognised regionally; winning Environmental Business of the Year at the Pride of Cumbria Business Awards in 2004.

We have gone quite some way to ensuring our environmental impact is kept to a minimum and we are now a lean green printing machine, but that doesn’t mean we sit back and think ‘job done’. We are always looking for ways to improve, both with our internal procedures and by investing in the latest  developments and technologies. 

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