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Finger prints makes a move into LE-UV with Heidelberg

31 October 2017

Finger prints will this month take delivery of a Speedmaster SX 74-4 Low energy ultra violet (LE-UV) press, making them the first printing company in the North of England to install a Heidelberg B2 format LE-UV press.  

The press which will be installed in the company’s production hub in Cumbria, will produce a wide range of product to support the organisations design and digital production branches in Cumbria, Wiltshire, Somerset and Lanarkshire, as well as its many local and national customers.

Completing their recent £1M upgrade, which sees the company invest in a range of new equipment and software. Allan Kerr, the company’s founder and managing director said, “Our customers are used to the benefits of quick turnaround and colour accurate jobs from our digital devices, the UV technology will allow us to extend this to the larger volume jobs that were previously too expensive to produce digital. The new printing press is fitted with a colour management system that detects and adjusts minute changes before it can be spotted by the human eye, this ensures consistent colour accuracy on every printed sheet.”

Paul Ackred, co-director added “With the combination of the new printing equipment and software we expect to be able to pass on significant time savings, and cost saving to local businesses that many other printing companies using older technology will be unable to offer.”

Finger prints product range also include non-traditional ink on paper products, including printed and embroidered t shirts, workwear and sportswear, promotional items like pens, mugs and umbrellas as well as outdoor PVC banners

Finger prints customer base includes local, national and international businesses of all sizes, graphic designers, local authorities and NHS trusts.

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