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Folding options

Do you feel like you need a degree in Origami when it comes to the best fold option for your printed leaflets? Don’t worry our handy guide will help distinguish the difference between: Half-fold – a single fold down the centre of your leaflet, so it opens a bit like a greetings card. Z-fold– your leaflet is folded twice to create a ‘Z’ shape, ideal for sales or information brochures. C-fold – folded twice to create three panels in a ‘C’ shape, perfect for takeaway menus. Roll fold– created by folding down one section, then another in the same direction

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Emboss and Deboss

Adding extra luxury to your printing If you are looking to add that little extra tactile touch to your printing, embossing or debossing could be the solution, so what is the difference? Embossing With embossing we press the paper between a metal die and counterfoil from behind causing the embossed area to stand off the page in a 3D effect, our machinery applies both heat and pressure onto the paper to create a fabulous result. Blind embossing is when we emboss the paper or board without any print or foil it is simply the paper that is raised.   When

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Decorative Hot Foil Printing

For many years gold foil has been used as a way to enhance printed products and add that extra little bit of luxury, fortunately the range of foils has expanded to include a wide range of metallic colours including, silvers, coppers and golds in both a gloss and a matt finish. There are also a range of transparent, bright, pearlescent, holographic, neon and pigments. Foil can be used on its own or in addition to our other printing processes and decorative finishing options to create something truly unique. Stamping foil, also known as blocking foil, is a method in which

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Clothes printing methods

Clothes printing methods Successful clothes printing is about the expertise of the printer however choosing the correct process and equipment can be confusing, fortunately, we have the equipment, technology and skill base to guide you through the best process.   Direct to Film Digital Printing DTF  is a relatively new technology but is very versatile and enables us to decorate lots of different garments regardless of colour and material. The process uses a latex-based ink which we print onto a roll of carrier paper using a high-quality fine art printer, the carrier paper is then transferred into a temperature-controlled powder

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