Decorative Hot Foil Printing

For many years gold foil has been used as a way to enhance printed products and add that extra little bit of luxury, fortunately the range of foils has expanded to include a wide range of metallic colours including, silvers, coppers and golds in both a gloss and a matt finish. There are also a range of transparent, bright, pearlescent, holographic, neon and pigments.

Foil can be used on its own or in addition to our other printing processes and decorative finishing options to create something truly unique.

Stamping foil, also known as blocking foil, is a method in which foils are transferred to a substrate.

Foil stamping is a popular method of relief printing, allowing foils to be transferred to a surface with heat and pressure using metal etched or engraved ‘dies’. Hot stamping foil is unique in being able to offer bright, mirror-like, metallic finishes. During the stamping process, the foil creates a slight impression into the material, which creates a level of luxury that is unachievable through digital print.

When you want to add that extra bit of bespoke luxury, foil is a great way to enhance business cards, brochure covers, letterheads, swing tags, wedding and general invites and packaging boxes. For advice and samples of our range of foils please contact one of our print advisers and we will guide you through the benefits of hot foil.