Emboss and Deboss

Adding extra luxury to your printing

If you are looking to add that little extra tactile touch to your printing, embossing or debossing could be the solution, so what is the difference?


With embossing we press the paper between a metal die and counterfoil from behind causing the embossed area to stand off the page in a 3D effect, our machinery applies both heat and pressure onto the paper to create a fabulous result. Blind embossing is when we emboss the paper or board without any print or foil it is simply the paper that is raised.


When combing embossing with foil or ink or even both the effects are both striking and luxurious.


With debossing, it is a similar process to embossing but we do the opposite causing the area to be indented into the paper giving a depressed effect.

Embossing and debossing can add that extra bit of bespoke luxury and is a great way to enhance business cards, brochure covers, letterheads, swing tags, wedding and general invites and packaging boxes. For advice and samples of please contact one of our print advisers and we will guide you through the benefits of embossing and debossing.