• Printed on A4 adhesive, mid-weight matte paper
  • These stickers are 90×60 mm rectangles
  • 8 stickers per sheet
  • Free Stickers & Label design templates available or create your own using our designer.

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Why Use Stickers

Personalised stickers can be a great way to promote your business with many uses when applied to marketing. In a world where we spend more and more effort on online marketing, it is easy to overlook the other alternatives. However the lack of alternative methods increases the power of using print and handing out something tangible, as it stands out from the crowd.

There is nothing better than getting a customers attention to a sale than a glossy sticker on a price list. Due to sticker’s nature of being “applied” to a printed document, this lends credence to the discount being genuine, and suggests the sale won’t last forever thus implying a sense of urgency to the customer. During a promotion it is important that it gets noticed so sticker with bright colours and easy to read text seems to get the needed attention. If you have a shop or are attending a crafts fair why not apply some stickers to your products or displays to help them stand out and allow your customers to know of the sale.

Alternatively to advertising sales some of our customers have had great success with creating stickers that calls the customer to action. A call to action is something that has become more prevalent on websites other the last decade. It is a way of prompting your customers to perform an action such as “Shop Now” for online shops. Examples for stickers can be “Pick Me Up”, “Buy Me” or common to soft plush toys “Touch Me”. With a wide potential for applications I’m sure you can come up with a sticker for your business.

Additional information

Dimensions29.7 × 21 cm


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