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    Fits masks that have a filter slot.

    PM 2.5, protects from Dust, Haze, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Gardening, Crafts, etc.
    Five Layer Protection:
    The first layer of spunbond can filter micron-level dust.
    The second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens.
    The third layer of activated carbon cloth filters micron-level dust.
    The fourth layer filter smaller materials.
    The fifth layer of spunbond filters out various harmful substances.

    The filter can not be cleaned.
    If the filter gets dirty such as oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains, please replace

    Additional information

    Weight0.05 kg
    Dimensions22.9 × 16.2 × 1 cm

    Adult – 12 x 18 cm, Child – 10 x 15cm


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